Fortnite has brought the return of the High Stakes Event

I have been gone since last season’s end and a lot has changed in the world of Fortnite. Season 8 has brought with it a tropical/pirate themed map change. But all of that is old news. Time to get all caught up with what’s new. This time, it is a surprise return of High Stakes.

It all started with a not so cryptic tweet.

Fans quickly drew to the conclusion that either Wild Card would return to the store, the event High Stakes would return, or more logical, both. And fans were correct! On March 13, Fortnite confirmed the return of High Stakes. So what is the same and what is different about this limited High Stakes event?

What is the same? 

The gameplay and objective seem to be identical to the first High Stakes. Squads must come together and attempt to recover the jewel from one of four safes. Then, the team must return the jewel to one of three vans located near the middle of the circle.


In case you missed the last High Stakes event that took place in September 2018, now is your chance to get some of those free customizables.


How to Obtain: Complete all of The Getaway Challenges

Cash Flow

How to Obtain: Pick up a Jewel in different matches of The Getaway (3 Times)

Suited Up

How to Obtain: Deal damage to Jewel carrying opponents (200 damage points)

The Getaway

How to Obtain: Use a grappler in different matches of The Getaway (5 times)

The Store

Like last time this event was live, Wild Card and his respective glider were both in the Featured store. This officially marks his third time in the store.


What is different?


In addition to all the previously stated rewards, you can now also unlock a new backbling; the Crystal Llama. And best of all, it comes with three different customizable styles; regular, ruby, and diamond. These are obtained by winning one, tree, and five matches of The Getaway respectively.

Crystal Llama (Regular)

Win 1 Getaway Match

Crystal Llama (Ruby)

Win 3 Getaway Matches

Crystal Llama (Diamond)

Win 5 Getaway Matches

The Store

It seems that Epic wanted to add something new to buy with the Wild card set. And so, they added a brand new wrap to match the Wild Card set. The Wild Card Wrap Bundle included four different styles. It would make sense to match all four of Wild card’s style’s, there are four wraps; hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, to match. The best part? It comes at a price of 600 V bucks. That is, 150 V bucks for each wrap. I personally own Wild Card from his first appearance and was tempted to buy this matching wrap. Its nice, cheap, why wouldn’t I buy it? But considering I have a good amount of wraps (most of which I don’t use) I decided I could just use the red Ultra Red from season 7 if I ever want a red wrap. The wrap is currently no longer at the store, but I expect it to return (along side Wild Card) one last time before this event ends





Edit: March 18 Wild Card, his glider, and his wrap are all back in the featured store until the next store turn over. Wild Card is 2000 V bucks and his glider is 800



One of the biggest difference between the last Getaway Event and this one is the addition to certain mobility items that were not part of the game back in September. Originally, the grappler was the tool to use if you wanted to try to sneak a fast getaway. But now we have two new items to help us with this. The Balloons (which were added during update 7.20 on Jan 20) and the Fortnite Baller (which was just recently added). Now players can reach the van in new ways, like drifting from a balloon without even needing to build, zooming past the map with the baller.


How long do I have?

The event is nearing its end. The final day to try to get some of these challenges is Tuesday March 19. So go on a lobby with your best mates and try to get away. Before its is too late.