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Share the Love Ongoing Event

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Or rather Valentines Month for the Fortnite world. If you haven’t already heard, there is a current ongoing event; Share the Love, for Fortnite Battle Royal. All ten weeks of challenges are out. But there is still 17 days left ( as of the day of publishing this) in season 7. So if you are all done with your challenges and want something more to do, Fortnite has put thought into you this month of love. From now until the end of the season, there will be Overtime Challenges. Completing these challenges before the end of the season will reward you with up to 5 new rewards. Among these two is a Valentine Wrap (Perhaps a pink colored camo) and the “Vines” contrail. 

Did you Buy Season 7’s Battle Pass?

New Trog, Powder and Onesie Styles Respectively Credit: Epic Games

If you bought this season’s battle pass, you get even more overtime challenges. Completing this challenges will award you with new unlockable styles for three characters; Powder, Trog, and Onsie. Do you realize what this means? Before these overtime challenges, the Battle Pass awarded you with Zenith, Lynx, St Winter, and the Ice King. All four of these skins had different unlockable styles. I loved it! The idea of having four characters, that can have different looks. To me, it is almost as if you have a new skin, only it is a varient. But now, with the addition of Powder, Trog, and Onsie’s new styles, every single character for the Season 7 Battle Pass now has different styles. All seven characters.

And just to not forget this seasons Blockbuster skin, Fortnite also gave ‘The Prisoner’ the ability to unlock his headpiece. Read to find out how you can unlock The Prisoner’s face.

Need to Level Up to get those extra tiers?

Fortnite has thought of this for you. For the next two weekends, every player will receive Double XP. Hop on Battle Royal in the days of February 15-17 and February 22-24 to take advantage of the double xp. Want to gain even more xp? Play this weekends with your squads. Playing with your friends will reward you the extra XP Bonus. So share the love with your friends these comming weekends.

Did you compete?

Share the Love Banner Credit” Epic Games



As of the time of this publication, the Share the Love competitive Series will be drawing to an end. Fortnite held placement matches this weekend (for the 9th and 10th of Feb). There were four divisions. If you managed to score yourself a pin in the Championship Division, you gained access to the Championship Division Finals that take place February 23 and 24. If you managed to score yourself this entry, I wish you the best of luck.

Want to Explore?

Do you want to mess around and play with friends without the stress of Battle Royal? Fortnite wants us to. Hop on creative mode this February 12-22 for the ‘Featured Island Frenzy.’ During this, Fortnite will rotate a series of islands, made by the community. Share your appreciation to other builders, players like you.

Feel the Love for Sharing the Love

Do you support a creator yet? Fortnite has a lot of great content creators that helped make the game what it is today. Fortnite has spread the love and given content creators a chance to get rewarded with support a creator. How does it work? It’s easy. Simply add a valid creator in your “Support a Creator” tab. Once you do this, the creator will get $5 USD for every 10,000 V bucks you spend (whether bought or earned. Learn how to make a ton of V bucks here). While that isn’t a whole lot, it can certainly add up for content creators that spend a lot of time in what they put out there.

Cuddle Heart Wrap free by supporting a creator Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite is spreading more love and giving players a free ‘Cuddle Hearts’ Wrap for players that have or input a valid creator during February 8-22. The wrap is a standard hot pink wrap, with what appears to be broken black hearts. The wrap is definitely interesting, and one in the theme of spreading the love!

With all these new challenges, unlockable rewards, competitions, creative events, and free wraps, I am definitely feeling the Love from Fortnite this February. Spread the love and play with you friends this Share the Love event. Want to spread more love? Share this story with your friends!