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Fortnite’s Player vs Environment game ‘Save The World’ is on Sale!!!

Fortnite’s Save the World game is on Sale for a very limited time. Last time this sale went up was for Christmas/New Years. I took it upon myself to buy Save the World in order to demonstrate the great benefits that come with purchasing this game, especially when it is 50 % off.

Save the World 50% Off Sale

Save the World is Fortnite’s “cooperative PVE storm-fighting adventure!” In this game mode, you team up with three random players in order to complete a variety of different style missions. While there are different types of missions, the concept remains the same; build to protect an objective from husks. The game is actually rather fun to play, with the difficulty increasing as you progress. But the real reason getting Save the World can be considered a great deal is because you can earn V bucks (the virtual currency used to buy cosmetics in Battle Royal) within the game.

Now I am not saying that you should buy Save the World for the sole purpose of farming V bucks; it ends up not being fun for you, or for the players that join your mission. But if you are like me and you enjoy buying a few expensive skins here and there, but don’t really want to spend a ton of money on buying your favorite skins, Stop Right Now! Do not buy any more V bucks from the Store. Let me explain so you understand just how much Save the World really is!

I was originally working on a concise explanation of exactly how the entire V bucks earning system works on Save the World. I bought the game this past Holiday sale thinking I would play it for an entire month before I posted and demonstrated how many V bucks I earned in that month. However, I did not expect Epic Games to release a 50% sale this close to the last one. It honestly took me by surprised when I logged in and I saw the “50% off” tab over the Save the World tab.

How Many V Bucks Can I Really Earn?

Ultimately, the amount of V bucks you earn monthly will depend on how much you play, along with how dedicated you are. These are a few ways you are able to earn V bucks within the game.

Daily Quests

Just like Battle Royal, Save the World has a daily challenge system. Every day you log in (after 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time), you are given a daily quest to complete. These quests are randomized and vary from things like “kill 300 husks with a specific type hero” or “get 300 kills with a specific type gun.” Other quests include finding specific items throughout the map. A daily quest can ideally be done in one match, but can take up to three to complete some of the harder ones. After completing your daily quest, you are rewarded 50 V bucks for your hard work.

Three Daily Rewards totaling 150 V bucks Credit: Epic Games

Now this is the key point to daily quests. Like the Battle Royal ones, you are able to stack up to three quests. What this means is you are able to hold three dailies at any given time. If you have three dailies and it becomes the next day (4:00 PM PST), then you will NOT be given a new one. You are also able to change one mission per day, so if you have an annoyingly hard one to complete, you can always replace it. What is important is logging in every day to at least obtain your new daily. If you have three, be sure to clear at least one before the next day. It is honestly not hard to achieve. If you do get all your dailies in a month, that alone should total to 30 Days X 50 V bucks = 1,500 V bucks a month

Daily Rewards

My account with 14 days of Daily Rewards Credit: Epic Games

These are the easiest V bucks you can earn through Save the World. Daily rewards are basically what their name suggests. Every day you log in, you get a new reward. No challenge involved, no work needed, just log in. The catch? Well not every day will reward you with V bucks. In fact, most days you will be rewarded something you can use in game within Save the World. However, every so often you are awarded V bucks for your daily reward.

The amount varies depending on what week you are in. The smallest amount is 50, but the game awards you with a 300 daily reward about once a month. One of of the months, you are even given 800 instead of the 300. On average, you will get about 600-800 V bucks every month off of daily rewards.

Main Quests

Main Quest: Storm Shield Mission equating to 100 V bucks Credit: Epic Games

The “main objective” of the game is to expand your storm shield as big as you can. There are a total of four maps to complete; Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks. Each map has 6 mandatory storm shield missions and four “optional” ones.  Completing a single one of these grants you 100 V bucks. Only the first 6 will be considered Main Quests so that is 600 V bucks x 4 Maps = 2,400 V bucks. The other 4 storm shield missions will be added to your “side Quests.” Each will also grant 100 V bucks, except for the 10th, granting 150 V bucks. That adds up to 1050 V bucks X 4 Maps = 4,200 V bucks

Side Quests

Side Quests are missions you are able to repeat for a specific amount of times in exchange for V bucks. These are not a  fast way to get a lot of V bucks, rather a slow flow of V bucks over a long period of time. For example, there is a challenge that says “complete 2 missions.” Once this is done, you are awarded 50 V bucks and the challenge is reset to do again. Slowly the number increases to three missions then four and so on. There is a set amount of times you are able to do these challenges. I am not entirely sure how many but I believe it is up to 20 times. That would total 1,000 V bucks per challenge they offer. To my knowledge, there is at least three types; complete successful missions, complete successful storm shield missions, and kill Mimics. These types of missions are great because they sort of sit in the background. And each time you complete another one, you are (at least in my experience) nicely surprised when you finish a mission and you see you earned 50 unexpected V bucks.

Timed Missions

On top of all the V bucks you can earn through all the methods above, Save the World has timed missions. These are missions that reward you with extra goodies for completing that specific mission. Timed missions reset every six hours and sometimes, a V bucks mission will appear. The norm is as follows:

  • Stonewood = 25 V bucks
  • Plankerton = 30 V bucks
  • Canny Valley = 35 V bucks
  • Twine Peaks = 40 V bucks

These are randomized. Sometimes there are no V bucks missions. Other times, there are 200+ V bucks worth of them in missions scattered across the four maps. Unless changed again, a player is able to play three timed missions every 24 hours. So it is incentivized to further your Main Quest. This way, you can choose to do the missions worth 40 V bucks over the ones worth 25. You are also more likely to have the V bucks missions unlocked if you are further in your game progression.

How many is that per month?

Assuming you log in every day and you don’t slack with complete your Daily Quests, with minimal play (meaning only playing enough for your dailies), you can easily achieve 2,200-2,500 V bucks monthly. If you do more than the minimal work and begin to play the game more, completing a few V bucks missions a day can push you upwards to 4,450-5,200 V bucks!!! 

So how much is Save the World with the 50% Sale

Save the World Standard edition comes out to a total of $19.99 USD with the current 50% off Sale. Thats twenty dollars!!! That is an insane deal! Now you might think ” well I rather buy a legendary skin for that price.” But buying Save the World will gain you so many more V bucks. You can easily gain over 2,000 V bucks by only doing your daily quests and collecting your daily rewards. You can make that number over 5,000 V bucks if you play even more.  That is 2,000-5,000 V bucks A MONTH. That means you can essentially “make your money back” within the first game of playing. Every month after that, you gain extra V bucks which you can use to buy your favorite skins. But this sale won’t last much longer.

How long is Save the World 50% Off?

This 50% Sale was a very sudden one. Epic games did not give a pre-announcement, and it is a rather short sale. The 50% off sale if live right now up to 02/13/2019 at 8:00am. After this time, Save the World standard edition goes back to being $39.99. So if you’re tired of seeing some really nice skins pass you by at the item shop, Stop Buying V bucks and get Save the World while it is still only 50%.

Can I really earn that many V bucks?

As I mentioned before, I originally bought Save the World this past holiday season, just to demonstrate how efficient it really is at earning V bucks. This sudden sale did catch me by surprise, and I am far from being able to properly show what a month of grinding looks like. I can however show you my current progress. This is what 14 days of very little play looks like.

14 days of Save the World V bucks Credit: Epic Games

I collected all but one daily, collected all fourteen daily rewards, did a single V bucks mission worth 25 V bucks, and I completed my third Storm Shield Mission


To summarize, Save the World is a great deal to buy. Especially for those that want to buy a decent amount of godly skins without it hurting your wallet. If that sounds like you, I would act fast while the sale is still  here. Save the World, the honest solution to your V bucks problems.